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COME GROW WITH US is a remote-first team on a mission to make voice AI accessible to companies around the globe - one customer service team at a time. Join us!

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The Talkie Way

Growth mindset

We thrive on challenges and constantly learn. We see failure not as evidence of foolishness but as a springboard for growth and for expanding our abilities.

Courage to know

We are curious and inquisitive. We want to get to the bottom of things, and are not satisfied with surface-level understanding. When investigating, we leave no stones unturned. 

I’m bothered when it’s broken

Each one of us feels responsible for our organization, including its culture, atmosphere and the tools we use and create. We don’t turn our eyes away from issues but acknowledge and act to fix them.

Our attitude


Our culture makes us feel comfortable to be ourselves. We treat each other with respect despite any differences. 


Each of us is an integral part of Talkie. We are friendly, approachable and also egalitarian by believing that each person’s contribution is equally important and necessary.

Work ethic

We are punctual, hardworking and use our time efficiently. We trust each other and communicate in an honest and transparent way.


We take responsibility for our work as well as for how and what we communicate.

A Great Team to Be Part of is a team of brilliant specialists with a knack for AI technology and international business.

Our crown jewel is, an AI-powered platform for building and maintaining virtual agents fast and cheap. Our goal is to coach organizations around the globe to become the best voice customer service team by combining the best of both worlds: human skills and machine learning.

Paweł Lipiński CEO at

Perks and Benefits

  • Employment or B2B contract

  • Work from anywhere

  • Competitive salary

  • Private medical healthcare plan

  • Professional development allowance

  • Mental well-being support

  • Monthly team-building budget

  • Regular brown-bag meetings, and workshops

  • International business context

Blending remote and physical

We're a remote-first team, with office space for those of us who prefer it.

Good to know

Can I choose the form of cooperation?

For positions located in Poland, it’s always up to you. You can choose between B2B cooperation or common employment contract. In both models we offer paid holidays.

Do you offer remote work?

We are remote-friendly and it’s up to you whether you prefer to work onsite in one of our locations or feel more comfortable having a home office. However, in some roles, it might be more effective to occasionally meet your team offline.

What do you evaluate during the interviews?

We look for a potential long-term match during interviews. We'll assess you on passion, drive, and the willingness to 'own your shop'. We look to add owners and change-makers who grow based on 'learning-while-doing', to the team.

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