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Our crown jewel is, an AI-powered platform for building and maintaining virtual agents fast and cheap. Our goal is to coach organizations around the globe to become the best voice customer service team by combining the best of both worlds: human skills and machine learning.

Paweł Lipiński
CEO at

About us


Here are our core guidelines that we hold on to on our journey to disrupt customer service with AI.

We relate to our clients as partners. 

Striving to know and understand them makes us ready to find the best solutions to their needs and requirements. In these relationships, we cherish openness, sincerity, transparency, and integrity. 

Courage to develop

We are on a quest to improving the quality of our work. We do not want to overlook our mistakes but use them as a means of self-improvement. Continual self-development and knowledge sharing are the backdrop of our day-to-day. 

Cultivating candor

We take responsibility for what and how we communicate by encouraging precision and adjusting the jargon and the technicalities. Our belief in constructive feedback takes us as far as praise. Even if we disagree on certain topics, we are not afraid to share our thoughts. 


Each of us is an integral part of and we all take ownership of what team we are. We cherish the common space and actively create organizational processes. We are also egalitarian by believing that each person’s contribution is equally important and necessary.

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  • Work from anywhere
  • Regular brown-bag meetings, and workshops
  • Competitive salary
  • Professional development allowance
  • Employment or B2B contract
  • Monthly networking budget

I highly value my experience at for many things. First, I can see how my work has a real influence on the company and our customers. Next, I appreciate both the learning opportunities that are available and our organisational culture of Also, it brings me a lot of joy to see how the voicebots that we create with our clients are developing, becoming more and more independent, and ready to join forces with human agents as one customer service team. are people driven by passion, ready to listen to new ideas and share their knowledge and experience.

Daria Pszenna
Voicebot Designer / Business Analyst

Blending remote and physical

We're a remote-first team, with office space for those of us who prefer it

Main office at 37A Domaniewska St., Warsaw